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Positive Tradeline Reporting to your profile!!

We offer new and existing businesses the opportunity to build business credit while also having the opportunity to learn how to structure and scale your business. (Not to replace your current education... just another resource). Each month you are a active member we will report your positive payment as a tradeline. 

Don't try and do this all by yourself! We are truly better together! 

When you get into a car and drive to a new destination, do you just start driving? NO... You use a trustworthy system like a GPS or google maps to get you there. That's exactly what most business owners tend to do with their business. Many business owners just start working with no direction and no guidance. 

We all need direction and a blueprint to help us get to the end destination. Coach Brooks is your REAL LIFE ROADMAP that will help you succeed if you are willing to do the work!  Figuring out all of the puzzle pieces of building a business can be quite difficult and we do not want you trying to do it all by yourself.


Coach Brooks is on a mission to leave no entrepreneur behind in hopes of equipping 50,000 entrepreneurs in 2021 with what they need to truly succeed.

2021 Monthly Training:

January - Amazon

February - Children Book/ Tell Your Story/ Ebook

March - Udemy Course

April - System, Automation, Tools, & Apps

May - Small Business Challenge

June - Mid Year Vision Board

July - Rental Car Business

August - Business Credit

September - The Perfect Pitch

October - Virtual Business Workshop - Jesseca Dupart

November - Virtual Business Workshop - Melody Holt

December - Virtual Business Workshop - Claudia Jordan

2022  Monthly Trainings:

January: How to create your own mentoring program & subscription boxes. 

February: Social Media Influencer @Akanundrum

App Development, Virtual Mall, Virtual Conference, What's going on with E-Commerce

March: Bookkeeping - Katrina Carrington, CPA

April: Media Kit & Press

May: LinkedIn & Government Contracts

June: 6 figures breakdown




Annual Members Perks:

1. Quarterly Review (4) per year 1- Hour Sessions.

2. Unlimited access to the 2022 mentoring monthly trainings

3. Magnate Magazine Spotlight (1).

4. Business Listed in the Mentoring Directory

5. Bonuses throughout the year exclusively for Annual Members

6. $100,000 Business Credit Ebook & Business Process 50+ links 

Please note: This plan is on a calendar year schedule. Regardless of when you sign up you will have unlimited access to the trainings from the entire year. 


So, What Exactly Is Included When You Join The Moneybaggs Mentoring Program As A Monthly or Annual Members?

  • (1) Monthly Virtual Business Workshop training session with Influencers, celebrities, or Coach Brooks with cutting edge and proven business growth and mindset techniques​. Released on the 5th of each month (Group Coaching Session)

  • Bonuses throughout the year exclusively for Annual Members (annual memberships only).

  • Magnate Magazine Spotlight & interview (1) (annual memberships only)

  • Resource Library 

  • Access to a private members-only Facebook group with renowned entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, industry experts, and service-based professionals across the globe. Utilize the group to ask questions regarding your business.

  • Exclusive business funding opportunities ONLY posted in our private Facebook group.

  • Unlimited access to the 2022 mentoring monthly trainings (Annual members only)​​.

  • Facebook Live Group Coaching Sessions & Q&A Feedback where you will join me twice a month in a Facebook Live Coaching Session OR have my team and I answer business questions you submit.

  • $100,000 Business Credit Ebook & Business Process 50+ links (Annual members only)

  • And last, but certainly not least… (4) Quarterly reviews for annual members ONLY. (1) Per Quarter, If you do not schedule within the quarter, you will lose that session.

******Our mentoring program does not include ANY one on one coaching Sessions. You must book individual coaching on for this service. Please note: We have a NO REFUND policy as all members have access to the trainings and resources immediately, signing up for our program means that you agree to our terms and condition and no refund policy **********


"Coach Brooks helped me make my first $100,000. I hit my goal in 6 months." -Tameka

"If you do the work, Coach Brooks can really help change your life."

- Latonya

"I went from one location to two locations working in two states. She helped my dreams come true." - Anna

"I will keep investing in Coach Brooks because she keeps investing in us. There is no one like her. She really cares about us." -John S.


So, What Exactly Is Included In The Moneybaggs Mentoring Program?

Monthly Training Membership

You'll get monthly training on the hottest business trends in 2021.


These trainings are designed to walk you through ground-breaking, behind-the-scenes insight. This training will help you get unstuck. I will show you the most successful strategies that I've applied to my business in the last 10 that you can do the same :-)

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