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Positive Tradeline Reporting to your profile!!

We offer new and existing businesses the opportunity to build business credit while also having the opportunity to learn how to structure and scale your business. (Not to replace your current education... just another resource). After you have been a member for 6 months, we will report your  positive payment history each month you are an active member as a tradeline. 

Don't try and do this all by yourself! We are truly better together! 

When embarking on a journey to a new destination, do you simply start driving without any guidance? Definitely not. You rely on a reliable system like GPS or Google Maps to navigate your way. Similarly, many business owners tend to dive into their ventures without any direction or guidance.

We all require guidance and a blueprint to reach our desired destination. Coach Brooks serves as your real-life roadmap, ensuring your success if you're willing to put in the effort. Building a business involves solving a complex puzzle, and it's not something you should attempt alone.


Coach Brooks has taken it upon themselves to support every entrepreneur, leaving no one behind. Their mission is to equip 50,000 entrepreneurs with the necessary tools for true success.


So, What Exactly Is Included When You Join The Moneybaggs Mentoring Program As A MonthlY Members?

* 3-4 Months of  zoom replays

* Access to a private members-only Facebook group with renowned entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, industry experts, and service-based professionals across the globe. Utilize the group to ask questions regarding your business.

​* Exclusive business funding opportunities ONLY posted in our private Facebook group.​

* Live Group Coaching Sessions & Q&A Feedback where you will join me once a week on zoom.

******Our mentoring program does not include ANY one on one coaching Sessions. You must book individual coaching on for this service. Please note: We have a NO REFUND policy as all members have access to the trainings and resources immediately, signing up for our program means that you agree to our terms and condition and no refund policy **********


"Coach Brooks helped me make my first $100,000. I hit my goal in 6 months." -Tameka

"If you do the work, Coach Brooks can really help change your life."

- Latonya

"I went from one location to two locations working in two states. She helped my dreams come true." - Anna

"I will keep investing in Coach Brooks because she keeps investing in us. There is no one like her. She really cares about us." -John S.


So, What Exactly Is Included In The Moneybaggs Mentoring Program?

Monthly Training Membership

You'll get monthly training on the hottest business trends in 2023.


These trainings are designed to walk you through ground-breaking, behind-the-scenes insight. This training will help you get unstuck. I will show you the most successful strategies that I've applied to my business in the last 13 that you can do the same :-)

  • Will my monthly rate ever change?
    As long as your membership is in good standing, you are grandfathered in at your current rate. If for some reason you leave the program and come back, you will be charged whatever the new rate is at that time.
  • What is your return policy?
    There is no return policy. You may cancel your membership at any time but please note we have a no refund policy. It’s a monthly membership so as long as you are a member you have access to all the trainings, tools, and resources. When you cancel or default on your membership, you lose access immediately, but there are absolutely no refunds regardless of when you cancel your membership.
  • Will this membership allow me on on one time with Coach Brooks?
    No, you must book a one on one consultation to speak with Coach Brooks. Please note that she is currently going live Monday-Thursday with the mentees. Please take advantage of this while you can. This is for a limited time only.
  • How will I be charged?
    You are auto billed every month on the exact same day you signed up. Your monthly rate will be deducted on the exact same date every month. For example, if you signed up on June 1st, your next payment comes out on July 1st.
  • How can I cancel my membership?
    Please login and click on subscriptions and you can cancel your membership there.
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